Citrus fruits: uses and benefits

Sóller is the place for oranges and lemons per excellence in Majorca. As everybody knows, the landscape of Sóller and Port de Sóller is full of citrus gardens and groves, a particular characteristic of this area of the island. Citrus fruits production is important to the economy of Majorca since the 19th century when Sollerics started the orange trade with France. B

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Appealing Museums in Majorca

There are many museums and galleries in Majorca so visitors may have a global idea about our past and present.
In Mallorca Villas we have selected seven museums and galleries within the island: CCA Andratx, Chopin Museum, Robert Graves Museum, Can Prunera Museum, Yannick & Ben Jakober Foundation, Es Baluard, Muro Ethnological Museum

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Almonds in Majorca, nutritious an delicious

In our goal to introduce the products of the island, today Mallorca Villas, will talk about almonds.

It is said that the Phoenicians introduced almonds to Majorca so it is not surprising that they are part of the island gastronomy, landscape, home remedies and tourism.

As part of Majorcan gastronomy, almonds are the principal ingredient in many recipes, for example, the delicious gató d’ametlles, a moist flour-free cake usually eaten with ice-cream made from almonds.

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Majorcan Wines, another way to know Majorca.

Due to the increasing production of wine in Majorca with more than 70 wineries around the island, there are many types of wines to cover tastings, meals, and gifts of all kinds. Although wineries have their own way of working, tradition dominates at some. At Mallorca Villas we want to discover the different types of wines produced in Majorca

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